Licensed Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach


Enneagram Consulting

Benefits of the Enneagram

  • Increase interpersonal communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Strengthen your ability to access your own power
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Know fundemental motivations of yourself and others
  • Understand your unique career strengths and abilities

What is the Enneagram Personality System?

The Enneagram is a Model of Personality with 9 different types or worldviews. Each type has beliefs about what is needed for survival and satisfaction. Type is identified by the focus of one's attention and energy. Each type has automatic responses and habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Enneagram Coaching

I offer a series of coaching sessions for groups or individuals who want to understand more about personality types and how to utilize the Enneagram to their personal growth and intimate/ work relationships.

Enneagram Typing Interview

The Individual Typing Interview assists you in determining your Enneagram Type. The Enneagram System becomes awakened through one to one dialogue with an experienced teacher. There are personality testing websites and Enneagram books that can be useful, however a hiring an Enneagram consultant provides you with personalized attention. Not only will you discover your personality type, yet also discover resources and practical applications of the Enneagram system which are most helpful to you.


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