Licensed Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach




17 Feb
by Zoe Garcia

By learning how to be more relational in your communication you will experience more resonance and connection with others. Cultivating curiosity and active interest in the other and the quality of connection leads to greater satisfaction in all relationships. Below are some practice questions and statements that you can try out in your interactions.

What I am getting about you is?
What is alive for you?
Does that fit for you?
What do you make of that?
How is that for you to hear?
When you say that….(I notice me connecting to your sadness)
Hearing you say that….
Lets pause
I curious
I noticed that I am …(concerned)
How is that for you?
You seem…
I hear you saying _____. Does that fit for you?
I am feeling less connected to you all of a sudden. What happened just then?
You do not seem interested in _____. Does that fit ?