Licensed Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach




17 Feb
by Zoe Garcia

These inquiry questions can help you gain greater insight into how you show up in your relationships. Greater insight into yourself helps you have more integrity and authenticity with others. It also leads to greater freedom and peace within yourself by taking responsibility of how you engage in the world. Recognizing that you have a choice in the quality of your relationships leads to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

What is between me and listening with a open heart?
If I didn’t blame other what would I have to feel?
How am I creating distance or unavailability?
How am I avoiding my own vulnerability?
What would I need to feel compassion for myself and other right now?
What is more important than being with this person in the present moment right now?
To what extent am I rejecting or accepting this moment?
How am I taking responsibility for how I am prioritizing my time?
If I really embraced ____how would I be more engaged in this relationship?
Am I loving and getting me even though this person isn’t in this moment?
Do I have to try so hard to make the connection happen?
What does it mean to fully participate with this other person?
Am I creating Moments of Pause with the Other?
Am I wanting to Move Closer or Further away from this person?
What does having this set belief about the other cost me?
How is the light trying to show through in this interaction?
What would it be like if I embraced ___(trust, hope, love)?
What would it look like if I was completely committed?
If I could let go of the story of what wrong with my partner what would I have to feel?
What do I do to ward off love?
If I am chasing someone to get their attention? What would that attention then mean for or about me?